Starting Over

It’s April 1st and for a brief moment I thought it might not be a good day to post a blog update. As much as I like a good practical joke I have decided to write and post anyway. I’m not even going to change the names to protect the innocent…this is my story and I’m … [Read more…]

Heidi Is Home

Heidi Is Home Here is the beginning our “New Year”… Yesterday was a big day for our family. We had a home-visit with one of Heidi’s physical therapists to see if she was strong enough to come home. We practiced going up/down the stairs, getting in/out of the car, using a walker, crutches, and more…looks … [Read more…]

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas 2015 It’s been a crazy year for our family; we are grateful for life, family, friends, and another year of celebrating our Savior’s birth. With everything going on we are not able to send out Christmas cards or reply to everybody personally, so I hope this post will find you blessed this season … [Read more…]

Tuesday December 15th

Tuesday December 15th update It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update on our family, so here goes (some pics at the end)… Heidi continues her post-surgery and trauma rehab at a local nursing home. She is very determined. She receives OT and PT therapy each day and enjoys visitors to help her through the … [Read more…]

Saturday Dec. 5th

Saturday December 5, 2015 Sorry for the delays in providing updates, I know many of you have been wondering how Heidi and Megan are doing and hoping for some more details. I will continue to provide basic updates here on my blog, please understand that it takes time to manage the site and to write … [Read more…]

Hospital Day 7

Hospital Day 7 I’m in a lounge area on the 6th floor of Theda Medical Center. This has been a second home for the past week. Heidi is still here receiving care for her injuries from the accident and the surgeries that she had. She’s a good patient. We are preparing for a long recovery. … [Read more…]

Sunday evening update

Sunday evening update: Heidi had several visitors today. We are blessed with so many friends who love us – thank you! Andi and Andrew also came and brought Megan back. It was so good to have Heidi and her “hero” together today and I know it lifted Heidi’s spirit to get a hug from Meg. … [Read more…]

Saturday Evening Update

Friday Evening Update Heidi had some visitors today. She is stable and able to get some rest at times, but each day is bringing new challenges for her. Andi and Andrew will be bringing Megan back to Appleton and it will be good to have Heidi and Meg (her hero) together again. We are expecting … [Read more…]

Update 11/27, Friday evening

I’m spending the night with Heidi at the hospital. Things are quiet and our family members have left for the day, we are so grateful for them. I have disabled my Facebook account because it’s too much to manage at this time. But we appreciate the love and support from everybody. From this point forward expect … [Read more…]

Surgery #2 Update (Friday afternoon)

Heidi is in recovery. The surgeon was able to access the hip/pelvic through one incision (that’s very positive) and also has repaired her broken collar bone. She will be in recover for approximately one hour. Heidi’s parents and sister are with Erin and I. Megan continues to recover at Andi’s house in Wausau. It’s very important … [Read more…]