I’m trying to learn it, really. I don’t have a burning desire to share everything that I do with my online friends but I am trying to embrace the discipline of social media – in a way that works for me and hopefully is of some interest to others. I guess there’s a little bit of geek in me – I’ve downloaded, tried, and deleted numerous programs and apps over the past couple of years…I’d like to think that I’ve landed on a set of tools that works for my schedule and technical abilities…that will probably change tomorrow though.

I came across a great blog that is directed to pastors and how they (me included) should be using social media. It’s titled 10 Things We Wish Pastors Would “Get” About Social Media and whether you’re a pastor, or not, I would encourage you to read it. I’ll be taking their suggestions to heart and looking forward to a rich online experience!

I can be found on Facebook, facebook.com/iplayagrand. You can also join my Twitter conversation by clicking on the link in my Twitter feed in the lower right corner of my site. I stay connected whether I’m in the office or not, feel free to comment to blogs on my site, post on my Facebook wall, or throw me a tweet and I’ll do my best to return the favor as we socialize online.

P.S. – you can actually call me too, if you’re reading this you probably already have or know how to get my number 🙂


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