Day #1 is complete and not without stress and frustration.

Our day started with Andi being sick. Wednesday morning, July 6, she was throwing up and became very weak, staying in bed most of the day. This seemed like the same symptoms that she experienced when first becoming sick in the fall of 2009. There’s not much we can do for her when this happens except let her sleep and encourage her to eat and drink healthy things to regain her energy.

I decided to switch our cell phone service to another carrier and ordered phones online on July 4. Delivery of these phone happened this afternoon so I was in a mad scramble to setup 4 new phone before going to Lifest – probably not the most relaxing way to begin a vacation but it’s the geek in me, I can’t help it.

Late afternoon – phones setup, van packed, dog at Jerry’s — we’re off to Lifest.

We arrived at our Hotel in Appleton, pretending we’re far, far away. The front desk clerk said “looks like you brought the whole house with you” – I answered, “I live with 4 women, a wife and three daughters, I pick my battles, what do you expect?” Andi continued to not feel well, she attempted to eat but I had Heidi, Erin, and Megan go to Lifest without me and Andi. Later, against my best wishes, I called Heidi to have her pick us up to go see Newsboys at 9:00PM – they were the main act for the day. The show was good but Andi was still not doing too well…back to the motel around midnight.

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