Day #3, Friday, and Andi is still not doing very well. We all slept in and tried to give Andi enough time to get well so she could join us at Lifest for the day. We left around 1:30 PM because Heidi wanted to see a certain speaker with the girls, I don’t remember who it was. I was excited to see Brian “Head” Welch of Korn fame, he was going to talk at 3:00 PM. We dropped off Andi at our friend’s campsite and let her site in a chair in the shade while the rest of us went to various venues to hear artists.

It was a hot day and I was camped out in the front row of the building where Welch was scheduled to speak – it was about 2:45PM. It was hot, really hot in that barn but I really wanted a good seat to hear Welch’s testimony in a few minutes so I thought the sweaty wait would be worth it. Then, I got a text that I was needed at the campsite to help Andi – this wasn’t good.

I jogged over the the site and found Andi almost passed out, sitting limp on a chair with Heidi holding her head as she was throwing up in the grass (sorry for being graphic, but she was still very sick). I got the attention of a worker on a golf cart and asked for the medics, they arrive a few minutes later and we transported her to the first-aid trailer to cool off and check vitals. Knowing that this wasn’t good I had Heidi call our Dr. back home to get her recommendation on a hospital in the area because she used to practice in Oshkosh – I then requested an ambulance for Andi – this was not worth waiting out in a first-aid trailer, she needed full medical help and I was hoping that we might get some answers to her chronic problems by going to ER.

After answering questions with the volunteer medics I found myself going through all the questions again with the fire department guys, then again with the ambulance paramedics…this was exhausting and in the meantime my daughter was still trying to catch her breath and regain some strength. Shortly after the ambulance came we had her moved and I rode in the back with her to Mercy Hospital. The paramedics were great…very kind and competent and I was relieved to know that she was in good care. They started an IV and monitored her vitals, including an EKG.

We spent close to 4 hours in ER, she took 2 bags of fluid and was later released with a diagnosis of being mildly dehydrated. We later learned that she was actually seriously dehydrated. Anyway, the rest of the night was rather uneventful as I stayed at the motel with her and the others went to see Toby Mac perform.

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