Day #4, Saturday.

Post ER visit and Andi seems to be doing better – this is really the only thing on my mind. I’ve told Heidi that I lost my Lifest mode a long time ago – just too much stress for me to enjoy with Andi being sick and I normally take a few days into my vacation to really let go of the routine and start to relax…not this year, too much stress to really enjoy and relax.

I’m very grateful to our friends the Kroeplin’s for helping us out with the use of their campsite and picking us up at the hospital yesterday. I’m also very grateful for their prayers, the volunteer medics who came to the campsite last night to pray for Andi, and many friends and family who were also praying for us – thank you!

We all returned to Lifest during the afternoon and prepared to watch Skillet later in the evening. I finally had a chance to enjoy some music knowing that Andi was feeling better. The Afters were great, I really like that band. They’re current but play with a bit of an 80’s feel, it’s hard to describe but I think it has to do with the melodic elements, an emphasis on vocal quality, and some cool electric guitar sounds that take me back a couple of decades when I was really starting to dig listening to music. (Yep, I just dated myself with the “dig” comment)

Skillet rocked! Wow, I thought that sounded much better than last year. I was not pleased with the mix last year and remember going back to the campsite. This year was different – the lead vocal was sounding really good, the guitars had definition..overall very impressive. Megan and Erin had a blast getting close to the stage and Megan managed to get the band to autograph her T-shirt earlier in the day…I guess she was in the right place at the right time!

Day #4 is a success, Andi was feeling better and I was able to relax and enjoy – all in all a good day…maybe vacation can start now, selfishly speaking of course.

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