Day #5 – Sunday worship with Lincoln Brewster…it’s gonna be a great day! …not

We checked out of the motel, Andi was doing well, and we arrived at Lifest in time to see our friends and get some up close seating for the worship service. I was really looking forward to this experience because Lincoln Brewster is one of my favorite artists today.

Well, we got rained out. The rain just didn’t let up and the lightening forced the worship service to another venue (smaller tent) on the Lifest grounds. By the time we moved there we probably would not have been able to get under the tent so we left.

Our plans took us to Marion, WI where Heidi’s relatives live. We love spending time with her Uncle Len and Aunt Lisa at their house. It’s quiet, the kids can swim, and the adults just sit and talk…very relaxing. I took some time to sit on the front porch and do some reading. I also had a great time talking to Len about life, church and work – he’s a great guy.

For the next couple of days were hung out there, ate well, had great conversation, and finally had a chance to let the vacation time settle in. I thank God for the chance to pull away and rejuvenate.

I wasn’t even worried about worship at Harvest today. I know that the team was in good hands and well-rehearsed…they would do great without me there. Thanks to Tracy and the team for covering while I was away, I’m sure you did a great job!

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