by Steve Parkes on July 20, 2011

Post image for What Do You Want From A Worship Service?Have you ever had one of those meetings where you evaluate how effectively the worship team accomplishes its purpose? Maybe it’s not a formal meeting. Maybe it’s just comments made at the end of a service. However it takes place the purpose   usually revolves around discussions of what we could do to make the service better. Often the items discussed concern blend of voices, volume of the drummer, missed or slow cue responses, or lighting adjustments, etc.. Maybe you have your own thoughts but don’t bother to express them. Let me share with you what I want from a worship service as a team member (not a leader).

I want to be able to practice the songs in an efficient manner – no “noodling” by the band or other singers during rehearsal.

I want to be able to hear the leader when he/she gives voice cues.

I want to be able to hear all the vocals to make sure the blend and harmonies are right.

I want to hear just enough of the drums to stay on tempo but not enough to feel the beat in my chest.

I want to hear enough of the rest of the instruments to maintain key and pitch.

I want the tech team to make sure the words are up on the screen in time so I don’t forget what the next line is.

I want the room temperature and lighting to be comfortable.

I want unnecessary distractions eliminated…or at least kept to a minimum.

I want the message of the songs to be a natural lead in/follow up to the message.

I want the congregation to join into worship totally.

As you look at the list you might agree or disagree with some, or all, of my list but here is the key to it all……..it’s not about what I want. It’s about what God wants. And what is that?

God wants us to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.
God wants us to be totally focused on Him.
God wants us to be in reverential awe of Him.
God want us to love Him with every ounce of our being.
God wants us to be fully surrendered in obedience to Him.
God wants us to …

You get the point. When we are focused on ANY of the things we want, we are not focused on what He wants. Our list of things may all be good but we can’t let the good get in the way of God’s best. Before your next service (or rehearsal for that matter), spend some time in prayer, asking God to reveal Himself to you and through you during this time.

Oh and by the way. I’ve found that God has a spiritual filter that He always seems to use. Even when the distractions come, the sound is a little pitchy, flat, loud or whatever, once it goes through His filter, those who are focused on Him hear just what He wants them to hear. God is able to accomplish His purposes in spite of our efforts.

Because of Him,


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