Definition: the ability, right, or permission to approach, enter, speakwith, or use; admittance

What would happen if we, as Christian brothers and sisters, decided to make our lives accessible to others in our community? Have you ever thought about that? I’ve been giving that a lot of meditation lately in an attempt to wrap my head and heart (I call it “heartitude“) around the concepts of creating a culture of discipling communities with mission.

Both Jesus and Paul tell us through the God-breathed scriptures that we are to imitate them. So, if I want others to imitate me in how I live my life (as a Christ-follower) I guess I need to be willing to acknowledge and do a few things:

  1. clearly understand my identity in Christ
  2. have confidence that God sees me through the life of Jesus Christ crucified, buried, and risen
  3. acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s empowering…everyday
  4. move from talk into action regarding how I relate to others (in and outside of the church)
  5. allow access to my life so others can learn about Christ by imitating

Now, that’s not an exhaustive list but I think it’s a good start for any of us who are serious about our relationship with God. We are called to make disciples and we have all the tools available to us to accomplish this holy task. So, why aren’t we doing it? Or, why isn’t it working like we’ve been traditionally been taught? Perhaps we think our lives are not worth imitating? Or maybe it’s just too much work? Are we so internalized in our church culture that we “think” we’re making disciples when we’re simply tickling our own ears? It sounds harsh but I think it’s a fundamental question we need to wrestle with as we engage our culture today with the Good News.  I think – no…I know that it takes more than a Sunday morning experience to continually grow in biblical community. We need to start fresh with relationships, intentional disciplemaking, sound doctrinal teaching, and be willing to make some changes in our patterns to accomplish more. Let’s not go off the deep and quit attending church or demand that all of our programs be terminated. Let’s simply (yes it’s simple, but hard) integrate a way of living that is honoring to God and ACCESSIBLE to our friends in order to continue the work of the church that God has graciously entrusted to us.

Do the people around you have ACCESS to your life? Do you want them to? Pray that God would speak to you about this important element of relating to Him and your community. Contact me if you would like to talk more about this.


2 thoughts on “ACCESS

  1. Essentially this was a great reminder challenge for someone that used to rather do my own thing and to “accomplish” what I determined was “important”. For most of us, we can’t arrive at this by accident or naturally. It is a truthism and we need to determine to have this lifestyle and attitude and then be intentional. Excellent thanks.

    I printed it and intend to give it out to our small group tonight as a take home read/challenge. I’m initially providing it without the author’s name or reference so there are no labels attached and to be a challenge to consider. Sometimes it’s good not to hear the same old voices.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Gary. I will look forward to your group’s response! I’ll be praying for your group meeting tonight and asking God to move in the hearts of your people…let’s continue to focus on making disciples who make disciples, etc. -B

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