So I’ve been thinking about disciplemaking lately, really thinking about it. I have so many new buzzwords spinning around in my mind: missional, community, gathering, engaging culture, people of peace, etc. In the past couple of weeks God has been showing me how I’m “wrestling” with my preconceived notions or methods of discipling.

This “wrestling” has brought to a place of embracing this new language of building a culture of intentional disciplemaking through missional communities in the church. The buzzwords no longer seem strange to me. Rather, they seem to “fit” and provide a framework that I can accept and use as I renew my commitment to discipling relationships through my local church.

Tonight I had an answer to prayer. A person I’ve know for nearly 5 years responded to an email; in his response I saw an opportunity to invite him into an intentional discipling relationship. This individual is a  person of peace that I’ve been praying for, a person who seems to be ready to engage in a serious discipling relationship and I’m excited to hear back from him soon so we can get started!

This is not a program to roll out, this is not a curriculum to trudge through, this is not a fill-in-the-blank study to do for 8 weeks, it’s a relationship that will help both of us (and hopefully a few others) grow to be more like Jesus. If my friend says ‘yes’, we’ll enter into a weekly meeting time (in person or online) to learn together, share scripture together, share life together, challenge on another and learn what it is to become a disciple who makes disciples who make disciples. We will not focus on filling our minds with knowledge as much as we’ll look forward to imitating the work and life of Jesus and expect the Holy Spirit to guide our journey – the knowledge will come as we live out life together and immerse our thoughts and discussions on our studies of the Bible, Jesus, and his Truth.

It starts one person at at time, God will take it from there if we’re obedient to “go” and share the Good News with each other. Are you interested in being a disciple? Are you a disciple who might be interested in having others imitate you in your walk Jesus? Contact me, we’ll talk.

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