I’ve been reminded in the past few weeks of the truth of “justification”.  It seems that books I’ve been reading, conversations I’ve had, songs I’m singing and a variety of other things have been bringing this to my attention.  The fact that God sees me clothed in righteousness through Jesus’ death and resurrection is amazing.  This truth allows me to live free from guilt (or at least I should do that) and it reminds me that my works have nothing to do with my salvation or my identity in and with Christ.  Jesus was the only perfect Lamb, sacrificed for me.  He paid a price for my life!

A friend from church was talking about this, he said something like “…we just need to be comfortable in our new clothes…” – what a great picture of justification and being sanctified or growing in our walk with the Lord.  Let’s be comfortable in our new clothes and wear them with confidence.

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