For our recent vacation we were blessed to camp in a borrowed 25’ camper, complete with a bathroom, shower, kitchen, and air conditioning. I recently blogged about our first night and the Pitbull named Crush. It seems that we had this “dog” thing going as we continued our camping adventure…

It’s Friday afternoon and the campgrounds south of Oshkosh, WI are filling quickly. We were in town for Lifest, located North of town. We were not aware that a huge Rock festival was taking place only a few miles from our campgrounds, so most of the people arriving were getting ready to party and rock for the weekend.

Friday night was quiet for the most part because everybody went to see Motley Crue. Well, it was quiet except for the loud, screeching, whining, barking dog in the 5th wheel camper across the road from us! It’s around Midnight and I guarantee that anybody still at their campsite, within 50 yards of that crazy dog, is about ready to use it for fishing bait. In addition to the barking and other obnoxious dog sounds we keep hearing this loud thump-thump-thump-thump sound.

I’ve had enough. I venture out with a flashlight to see what this crazy canine is up to. He’s hanging out of the window where the bedroom is, in the upper part of the camper – he’s about 9’ above the ground and ready to take a jump. It appears that he was able to open the emergency exit latch on the window, that’s the thump sound. The window is hinged on the top and he was bumping the window which caused it to fly shut, bounce, shut, bounce, shut, etc.

He’s little dog, like a Shih Tzu type dog and seems friendly. I check around the camper and nobody’s home. Now I’m thinking, what if somebody’s inside and this dog is trying to tell me something? Weird ideas swirling in my head all because of this crazy little pooch waking up the campgrounds. I go back to my camper hoping he will calm down…fat chance.

It’s now 12:30 AM. I can’t stand it, my family is complaining and other campers in the immediate area must be frustrated too, I must do something. I locate a nearby picnic table and move it under the window where the dog is hanging out. A couple of quick steps, flashlight in my mouth, and stretched out arms quickly grab the pesky canine and I’m now fully committed to caring for this dog for an unknown time. Mission accomplished…for now. I take the dog back to our camper and introduce him to my daughter, Andi. He’s friendly, wagging his tail, and enjoying his new surroundings. We give him some water and play with him…he’s happy. I wrote a note and taped it to the door of the “dog’s” camper…”I have your dog, he’s happy and safe…” was basically my message to the unknown dog owners.

About 2 AM I hear a knock on the door of our camper. The owners were home and looking for their stolen…I mean rescued dog. She was drunk but very happy that “Vinnie” was safe and in good hands. As far as they know I was just helping the dog stay safe. In reality, I had to steal the dog to get some peace and quiet. I talked with Vinnie’s owners the next day and learned that he destroyed the inside of their camper. He tore up some window shades, the screen on the front door and other things that dogs can get into…the owners were very upset with Vinnie.

I hope Vinnie and his owners work things out and I’m glad that we had the opportunity to steal a dog for a few hours.

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