I’m excited to share at Districts14 Conference in Green Bay this year!

There are approximately 3700 people, mostly teens, attending this event which has a rich heritage in the EFCA and the Forest Lakes District. I was blessed in my teen years to be part of a healthy church youth group. We traveled the country and participated in our versions of “districts” and “nationals”. This can be a time a great learning and life changing opportunities for our students.

I love to share what God is doing. My seminars are designed to help people know that they are equipped, as Christ-followers, to share the Good News with people around them. This is not something reserved for the theologically smart, or just for pastors, or for those people who pray really well. God uses normal people for extraordinary things and YOU are part of that story and strategy.

Here are a couple of blog archives that might help you see the heartitude of disciple-making in action: A Pitbull Story, Worthy Of Imitating, and Discipling Friendships Work.

Look for OPPORTUNITY to share the Good News. Be INTENTIONAL about relationships and building friendships with people in a disciple-making way. And be AVAILABLE to your discipling friends, and to God, as you move forward sharing the Good News “as you go” in your everyday life!

If you’re reading this from #districts14 please bless your fellow-readers with a comment below. And remember – you can do this…be a disciple-maker as you go!

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