Tomorrow is a big day…no, I’m not referring to the Packers playing in the Superbowl…tomorrow is Sunday. We get to worship God with our church family, to lift up his name in one voice as his church, to pray and hear a gospel message and to have fellowship with each other. It’s going to be a great day. Right now I’m thinking about ‘how’ we will worship and how many of us think that we are not good at worship, that’s a sad reality that many of us don’t know how to deal with. I’d like to offer a suggestion – read Hebrews 2:12 and consider the following. Jesus is our worship leader. When I lead worship tomorrow I hope the congregation sees Jesus through me because I don’t want the spotlight. Jesus is our worship leader because he is the only perfect lamp to be sacrificed. His blood is what sanctifies us, if we believe the gospel we know that this is true. What a better person to have leading our worship than the very person who laid down his life for us! If Jesus is our worship leader than God definitely receives our worship as holy because of what Christ did on the cross. So why feel guilty about not being a good worshiper? Why feel guilty about not being a good singer? As you enter your church tomorrow remember that Jesus is your worship leader and he will deliver your worship to our Heavenly Father with perfection. Go ahead and sing out of tune (well, sing in tune if you can) and sing it loud. Go ahead and raise your hands or clap your hands as long as it’s your heart’s response to what Christ has done on the cross. As we celebrate communion remember that you are God’s workmanship and he is worthy of your praise! See you at church.

One thought on “Perfection in worship?

  1. Pastor Brian, I still very clearly remember this Sunday service. I remember you started with saying, “This is a special Sunday.” Then there was this pause. “We get to worship God together today,” and then there was this dead cat bounce because everyone was expecting you to mention the Super Bowl. I’m thinking, YES, WE GET TO WORSHIP OUR LORD TODAY!! WOOOOOHOOOO!! Father, help us as a church to have our focus on You so that when we come for church it is a WOOOOOHOOOO! to worship You with a joyful noise. Amen

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