I’m excited to be able to attend in person this year with some really cool pastors and church leaders from Wisconsin. I wish I could take you with me but you have a chance to attend via web conference. Check it out, it’s gonna be a good.


Can’t make it to Exponential East 2014? Or, are you coming but can’t bring your whole team (or spouse)? No worries. We’re offering the next best thing to joining 5,000 church planting leaders in Orlando, FL. You can still take part by hosting or watching a FREE Live Webcast. The event will be broadcast over the internet in high-quality. It’s a great opportunity for you, your launch team, your small group, your staff, your church, and your network to experience the main stage sessions.

Bring Nicky Gumbel, Dave Gibbons, Vince Antonucci, Jim Burgen, Choco DeJesus, Danielle Strickland, Michael Frost, Hugh Halter, Andy Stanley, Matt Chandler, Oscar Muriu, Bill Hybels, Dave Ferguson, and many others to you.

Theme: Rethinking Evangelism

Exponential is continuing the discipleship conversation we began last year, focusing on what Jesus said was His core mission on earth: “…to seek and save that which was lost’ (Luke 19:10)—and how we as Jesus’ disciples can look to His example to join Him in that mission. To more effectively make disciples in our post-Christian culture, we want to help leaders rediscover, or rethink, five universal truths inherent to Jesus’ “Seek + Save” mission:

    • Rethinking Evangelism
    • Rethinking Outreach
    • Rethinking Witness
    • Rethinking Preaching
    • Rethinking the Great Commission


  • Nicky Gumbel
  • Dave Gibbons
  • Vince Antonucci
  • Ed Stetzer
  • John Teter
  • Louie Giglio
  • Jim Bergen
  • Choco DeJesus
  • Larry Osborne
  • Alan Hirsch
  • Damian Boyd
  • Michael Frost
  • Hugh Halter
  • Danielle Strickland
  • Craig Groeschel
  • Jeanne Stevens
  • Greg Nettle
  • James Meeks
  • Andy Stanley
  • Tim Keller
  • Matt Chandler
  • Dave Ferguson
  • Greg Surratt
  • Dave Travis
  • Oscar Muriu
  • Bill Hybels


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