It’s 1:12 AM in Raleigh, NC…it feels like 12:12 to me. I’m a late night guy (that’s a polite way of saying I’m not a morning person) so don’t be surprised to see that I’m posting a blog at this time of the day 🙂

Heidi and I finished cramming some last minute assignments tonight at the motel for our next two days of training. Some outlines, sample newsletters, budgeting worksheets, a bunch of reading, Bible study, role-playing for appointments…you get the picture.

We’ll be hitting it hard the next 2 days and looking forward to meeting other missionaries and hopefully some church planters in our group. Please pray for us as we work through some necessary training to develop skills for effectively raising a support team of friends as we transition to Mercy Road Church in Appleton.

I’m reminded of one of the first Bible verses I remember learning as a child (Mom taught me well). In Philippians 4:13 Paul writes, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” We cling to that with our new kingdom assignment, knowing that God is directing us and only through the power and authority of Jesus are we able to follow him on this journey.

More updates as the week progresses…


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