Here’s a quick vision of our weekly Central Gathering at Mercy Road Church.

Many churches call this a worship service. I grew up understanding this term for the weekly trip to church every Sunday morning. But I wonder how often we really think about the term ‘worship service’ in the context of our local church involvement?

At Mercy Road I like to think of the entire time of our Central Gathering as an experience of worship. When I talk about worshiping during our Central Gathering I’m talking 1.5 hours of time to sing together, pray together, hear the truth of God’s Word together, greet others, show fellowship, extend the hand of friendship, and so on. We also serve each other by participating in various ministries like: setup/teardown, nursery, making coffee, giving testimony, and more.

It’s a matter of heartitude.

Let’s try to intentionally avoid creating silos during this time. We don’t do a few minutes of worship (singing) and then move to announcements, then a sermon, then prayer, etc. We gather for about 1.5 hours for worship…simply worship. It will look different from week to week, and that’s OK! It’s the gathered church (our groups coming together each week) worshiping God through a variety of expressions. As Pastor Jed often says, “good times” are happening at Mercy Road.

Let remember to approach our Central Gathering each week with a humble “heartitude” that is ready for worship in a variety of ways. It’s a pleasure to be one of your pastors.

Brian Conyers is one of the church-planting pastors of Mercy Road Church in Appleton, WI, an EFCA missional church plant.

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