Blog-ben-Good-newsI’m continually learning more about what it means to be a disciple (follower of Jesus) and teach others how to do the same. It’s a basic command that we have as Christians – to share the Good News as we go (read Matthew 28:19).

I have recognized 3 areas that help me live and teach disciple-making principles:


God loves to present the OPPORTUNITY to share Good News. He made us in His image, to share His story, make disciples at home and throughout the earth, to multiply the church. However, this fact extends beyond pastors, missionaries, and church leaders – it’s for any follower of Jesus.

Disciple-making is not an accident. It’s an INTENTIONAL process of relationship and a willingness to let your guard down, expecting the Holy Spirit to work through you. Jesus promised, before his death and resurrection, that He would send a helper, the Holy Spirit, to guide and direct us…allow that to happen in everyday life. Being intentional is not about how much knowledge you have, it’s about faith and loving obedience to Jesus.

Because disciple-making happens in relationships we must make ourselves AVAILABLE to the person we are discipling and to the Holy Spirit’s direction. Jesus made himself available at all times to his disciples as he showed them how to be fishers of men; and his method of teaching was arguably very effective as 12 ordinary men, with the help of the Holy Spirit, changed the world. Make yourself available to the person(s) God has put in your path and don’t over-extend your commitments. Remember, Jesus chose 12 and was close to 3.


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