The following letter has been distributed to my church family. For those of you who haven’t heard, my co-pastor, friend, and lead church-planting pastor for MRC will be moving. Jed and his family will be relocating to Arizona this summer. We will miss them dearly.


Dear Mercy Road Church Family,

As you know, the Haas’ family will be moving on. They have my full support and I’m excited for them in their new adventures. As Jed and I have talked through their decision in the past several weeks I have grown more in my friendship with him and learned a great deal about listening to God’s direction.

I am excited and confident that Mercy Road will continue the vision that Jed and Kendra passionately and sacrificially brought to the Valley. Because of their example we will be strengthened as a vibrant, loving, local church and our vision remains the same.

We are a diverse Jesus-centered community of people learning how to love God and love people.

 What do we do at Mercy Road?

Groups: We believe everyone should be involved in a group that is large enough to dare and small enough to care. A group is like an extended family centered on the way of Jesus. Every group at Mercy Road will ensure that people attending have an opportunity to be discipled and learn how to make other disciples.

Gatherings: This where the diverse people of Mercy Road will gather together weekly to share stories, study God’s Word, and worship Jesus together. The focus will be inspiration, motivation, and celebration.

As a church plant, we have excellent leadership and support from our district office and other local churches. I will continue to be one of your pastors under that leadership. There is a strong network of people and churches who love Mercy Road and are committed to helping us continue to establish ourselves as a self-sustaining local church. I am also encouraged by the attendance of nearly 20 people from Mercy Road at our first “leader retreat’ a few weeks ago. We will continue with the outside leadership I mentioned and add a few people from our own Mercy Road family to effectively function as a transitional leadership team. We have already been praying about this — we’re in good hands. Updates will be provided primarily through The City and with announcements at our central gatherings.

In our disciple-making huddles we consistently ask these two important questions and we move forward with this attitude and expectation:

  1. What is God saying to us?
  2. What are we going to do about it? 

We don’t have membership/voting at this time but it’s important to know that if you consider Mercy Road to be your church family you have a voice and we want your input. As you process this news, please feel free to talk with me anytime about your thoughts and desires for Mercy Road. My family is blessed to be part of this journey with you and we want to listen and get to know you more.

Lastly, this is Jesus’ church. We are the bride of Christ and our future is ultimately and confidently under the leadership of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ. What Christ builds no man can tear down…be encouraged as we do this important and exciting kingdom work together!


Pastor Brian


One thought on “Letter to Mercy Road Church

  1. Good letter Brian, we continue to pray for you guys and the Mercy Road Church, and hope it continues to grow.

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