Heidi Is Home

Here is the beginning our “New Year”…

Yesterday was a big day for our family. We had a home-visit with one of Heidi’s physical therapists to see if she was strong enough to come home. We practiced going up/down the stairs, getting in/out of the car, using a walker, crutches, and more…looks like we passed! Upon our return to the nursing home they had already begun the process of discharging her. So, I packed up the car and brought her home!

We are now waiting (there’s a lot of waiting that happens with these things) on getting some necessary home medical equipment and then we continue the process of healing at home. We are also waiting to find out what her regular PT/OT will be. We’re hoping that some of that will be done in our home for the first week or two, then perhaps be able to take her to an outpatient facility throughout the week to speed up her recovery and keep her strong for being at home.

She needs constant supervision because she will not be able to bear any weight on her left leg for another 8 weeks. We have to be very careful with stairs, bathing, moving around, and so on. Visitors are welcome anytime, contact me for directions.

It’s so good to have her home and I know she is looking forward to being able to spend more time with her hero, Megan. 🙂 Thanks for the continued prayers and other support, you are loved by the Conyers’ family!


15 thoughts on “Heidi Is Home

  1. I”m so happy for you, Brian, and Heidi. This is a big step, ‘tho’ not without its new set of challenges.

    Blessings to you all


  2. Praise the Lord, another answer to our prayers to get her home. I know she appreciates being in her own home, and will continue doing whatever is needed to get stronger, and look forward to bearing weight on her left side in a few weeks. Megan, we are also very proud of you and I know you will continue helping out with your Mom’s needs.

  3. So good for the update. We have been praying for Heidi and the family. I think God uses these times to help us re thank and determine what direction He wants us to take. I am teaching in Matt. 5: 1 thru 16. These are vesus that help us understand how God wants us to live. It is called the Beatitudes. Jesus is teaching his followers and DICIPLES on how to live & what His expectations are for us and others. God is good all the time.

  4. So blessed for you and your family and to see God working in this..Praise be to HIM !!
    Still praying for you all.

  5. This is wonderful news Brian, we are so happy for everyone involved! Will keep praying for the healing process, and for stamina/strength to apply herself daily to what needs to be done to heal. Praying for you too, as you deal with paperwork and all that’s got to be figured out yet, regarding the accident. These things take time; we’ll be remembering you! Praising God for what’s already behind you both!!

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