I wrote Praise Him in 1997 when my wife and two baby daughters were away, I think they were visiting family out of town. I was home alone and having a hard time sleeping so I found myself at the piano at about 2AM to pass the time. In as much time as it takes to sing the song, it was written – lyrics and music. It was a bit frightening and fulfilling at the same time because I knew that God planned for this song to come from this time I was spending with him at the piano in worship and reflection. I’ve had the privilege of teaching this song to 4 different congregations over the years and it has always been very well accepted. Praise Him is a worship song about praising God for his promises…


Praise Him; He is the one who fills my heart and soul
Praise Him; He is the one who makes me whole
Praise Him; He is the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Praise Him; He is the one who loves me so

When I confess my sin
With open arms He lets me in
And by His grace I’ll live with Him

Keeping every promise to me
He will never forsake or leave me
I’m His child forevermore

© 1997, Brian D. Conyers

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