This song, ‘We Come To You Heavenly Father’ was written as I was thinking about the dynamics of corporate worship.  I was thinking specifically of the Lord’s prayer, having an attitude of repentance, singing together as a church family, and making a personal connection with God during corporate worship.  My thoughts were also on the relationship between singing/worshiping with my brothers and sisters, my church family, and the personal connection that we make with God even though we’re in a corporate setting.  So, this is what God gave me to put to song…please feel free to comment.   -B.

We Come To You, Heavenly Father

© 2009 Brian D. Conyers

Your will be done on earth like heaven above
Give me, I pray, what it takes to follow in your ways
And please forgive me Lord for the things that I’ve done
That cause you pain…I’m sorry

Verse 1:
As we come to you Heavenly Father
We lift up our voice and we rejoice for the wonder you are
As we pray to you Heavenly Father
This is our song because we belong to your kingdom today

Verse 2:
Now I come to you Heavenly Father
I worship you now in Spirit and Truth you’re the One who can save
And I pray to you Heavenly Father
With a grateful heart for a new start because of your grace

Verse 3:
As we come to you Heavenly Father
We sing with one voice and we rejoice for your promises Lord
We lift up your name Heavenly Father
Our treasure is stored with Jesus our Lord in Heaven always

2 thoughts on “Original Song – “We Come To You Heavenly Father”

  1. There are some songs that inspire tremendous gratitude. This is one of them. I’m the person who was “forgiven much.” This song gets to the heart of what He’s done for me, and what little I have to give back. All I have are worship and obedience.
    Thanks for sharing your gift!

    1. Thank for the kinds words, Patti G. I too have been forgiven much. Having a heart of worship and obedience honors God, set your mind on things above! I’m looking forward to the next time get to sing this song together at church. -B.

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