As I was reading today the following passage really hit me. It’s about defining why we do things in church (ministry, worship service, etc.). If you’re a volunteer in ministry, or maybe on staff at a church, please take a minute to read this and consider what the authors are saying… -B

In developing MCs (and, indeed, each of the four spaces), we have a natural tendency to define the gatherings by structures and the specific details of what we do (e.g., Sundays are 25 minutes of guitar-led worship, then we share Communion, followed by 5 minutes of announcements and a 30-minute talk; mystifyingly, Acts 2:42-47 is usually be cited as the rationale for this). Now, none of those things are wrong – personally, we enjoy all of them – and that may well be an accurate listing of what we do. However, if we define the gathering by such a description, then we will quickly set those structures in stone, leaving little freedom to innovate and try better ways of doing things, particularly as the Lord leads us in new directions. Instead of defining gatherings by structure, a better path is to define them by the undergirding values.

Here’s what we need to think through: what is the measurement that will guide what we say yes to? Is our goal really “25 minutes of guitar-led worship,” or is our goal a deeper value?

Breen, Mike; Alex Absalom (2010-11-11). Launching Missional Communities (Kindle Locations 1081-1090). 3DM. Kindle Edition.

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