We were blessed this summer with some good friends offering to let us use their 25’ camper trailer for our vacation. They parked the camper in our driveway the day before we left so we could pack and stock the refrigerator, pulled it to our campsite and helped us with setup, and picked it up when we were done. It was a very generous thing to do and we are grateful for their friendship.

Our camping adventure (we’re not campers) was…well…interesting. It all started with setting up camp at spot #64 next to an old rusty van camper that had a pitbull on a chain. Now, I’m not against pitbulls, I have friends that own them and I find them to be very fun dogs with great personality, but still…initially it wasn’t really a comforting situation. We were in a low-rent campsite, would we get sleep? Would we be safe? My mind was wandering. After I thought about this I was disappointed with myself. Why should I be afraid or expect something negative just because of the appearance of my temporary neighbors? I was being challenged to view this as opportunity rather than a pity party about a vacation that hadn’t even started.

How would Jesus want me to view my new camping adventure? I decided to embrace the moment, expect my neighbors to be friendly, including the dog, and just have fun. Later in the day my neighbors emerged from their rusty camper…a teen boy, a toddler, and a crawling baby with Mom. The dog was let off his chain and immediately came running to me for a belly rub – whew, he was friendly, and so were the people.

“What’s his name?” I asked. “Crash,” they replied. “And we named him before he was run over a couple weeks ago,” they continued. How funny is that? I’m playing with a pitbull named Crash who survived being run over by a trailer – he’s friendly and tough.

The old saying ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ still applies today. I’m glad that the Holy Spirit put “opportunity” on my heart rather than fear. I didn’t get to know the family at all. I played with the dog for a few minutes, said hello to the parents, smiled at the kids as they played, and generally made a friendly connection and then they were packed up and gone the next morning. It’s so much easier to live with a heartitude of “opportunity” verses a life of fear.

Whoever you are in your rusty camper and dog named Crash…thanks for the pile of fire wood that you left for us, we used it to cook ham steak and smores!

As you read this post pray that God will give you a heartitude of opportunity this week, it’s a refreshing way to live!

One thought on “A Pitbull Opportunity

  1. How many opportunities are we missing out on getting to know some awesome people, reach people for Christ, meet fellow believers…missing just because we can’t handle the packaging?

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