A young woman in my church recently shared her testimony with me. She agreed to let me share part of her story here. Her honesty is refreshing, challenging, and much-needed for our church today. My heart connects with her testimony and I hope the church is able to learn from her and her generation – they have much so much to offer! I would love to read your comments…what do you think? -B.


Where I don’t find Jesus:

The place that I don’t find Jesus is in (most) Christians and churches. Jesus had compassion for the confused (Matthew 9:36). “Sinners” who don’t know Jesus love feel so judged and unworthy of love by all of the “shiny happy people” that they don’t feel they can walk into a church. None of us, not one, have “earned” God’s love or deserve it (Romans 11:6)! How are we making the lost feel welcome in God’s church? Jesus went out and sought the lost. He leaves the ones that he knows are safe and accounted for and deliberately seeks out the one who is not (Luke 15: 1-7). I hope that our church is heading in the direction of seeking God’s lost sheep. They [people in the church] will not succeed if they continue to present themselves as perfect people. People who are in a dark part of life don’t want to hear the “shiny happy people” brag about how great their lives are and always have been (Proverbs 25:20). The lost need love and compassion and understanding, rather than being bombarded with all the things that they are doing wrong in their lives and being told that they must first change their ways to come to church, or come to church for the purpose of someone else changing them. I believe if we show God’s love and compassion to people, Jesus will reveal himself to them; when they find Jesus they will, in turn, live their lives for Jesus also (Phil 2:13). God’s word has been working in my life as I have matured as a Christian, but I know I would have been too stubborn to listen if someone gave me all the rules first, before I had a relationship with my Savior.

2 thoughts on “Where I Don’t Find Jesus

  1. Great word and testimony! I used to think the reason people act like nothing is wrong is because they are hiding things, and yes that is true but I see more and more, especially from what we might call the boomers or older or any group that as been in the church their lifetime, is that I sadly think they don think there is anything wrong. They don’t think they have sin. That actually Saddens me more then the hiding thing. When we hide, we can come free, once we feel safe. When we think there is no sin to even hide…I am not sure were to go from there….

  2. David – I haven’t seen too much of older generations thinking they are without sin, rather, they are often simply consumers of church activity as they know it. As you say – they don’t think anything is wrong. If we continue conducting church like we did 25 years ago we will miss an entire generation. It’s interesting to me that many people talk about outreach and think that simply inviting somebody to church is so-called outreach. That’s not working with today’s younger generation. You should check out my friends at 3DM Ministries, they have a great plan called the TOM Project (http://weare3dm.com/dougpaul/we-are-3dm/announcing-the-tom-project-a-grand-experiment/); you might also enjoy reading my most recent blog about a small group falling apart (http://www.brianconyers.com/archives/1881). Good to hear from you.

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