Since July I’ve been leading a group of disciple makers in a group called a “huddle”. This is a high invitation, high challenge learning environment that focuses on equipping the members to be disciple makers. In all of my years of leading small groups I’ve never had an experience like this huddle. We are seeing life transformation, gaining trust, and becoming fast friends as we study God’s Word and pray together every other week. This is not a typical small group; it is designed to teach and provide accountability as the members are being prepared to live their life in a missional context with others. If you attend Harvest Church (where I’m a pastor) you might not know about this huddle. That’s OK – it’s part of a larger vision that I have for our church – to raise up a committed group of disciples who are on fire to make more disciples who make disciples. Our friends from Cadre Ministries refer to this as D1 (inflow), D2 (overflow), and D3 (multiplication). This huddle is the beginning of something new for Harvest but it’s not new according to history — it’s how Jesus did it. Jesus chose 12 to disciple and was close to 3. By teaching them, mostly by example through spending time with them, they were able to imitate him and do the same thing with others. Of course, this happens only by the power of Holy Spirit in our lives. Sound simple? It is…but it’s hard to do in our culture today. We tend to want our Sunday morning church experience to equip us for the week but that is not enough. God desires us to have enough margin in our lives to be a dedicated disciple of Jesus, even in our busy culture today.

Sound interesting to you? I expect some new opportunities to come up in the next few months as this first huddle comes to an end. Also, look for some new initiatives in the area of Missional Communities in 2013 at Harvest. More on missional communities in a future blog.

Want to learn more online? Here are a couple of links to get you started: 3DM and Cadre Ministries


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