I’ve seen the video below, or similar ones, used by different people to provide illustration of relationships and disciplemaking. I think this is a great picture of building trust and remembering to not force our beliefs on people. As I live and share the Gospel with those around me I must be mindful of how I’m doing this. Notice the gentle approach and the understanding that he has with the horse…it’s remarkable to see the “breakthrough” when the horse begins to trust. I think our discipling friendships need to be the same way. For example, don’t pound rules and doctrine into people, instead show them God’s love and lead them to learning about these important things. Don’t expect them to know the books of the Bible or memorize scripture right away, instead teach them how Jesus lived and watch them develop a desire for God’s Word. As trust develops, allow and expect the Holy Spirit to do the life transformation, one person at a time. Oh, and be grateful in the process that God chooses you, a follower of Christ, to speak into the lives of your family, friends, and neighbors! Embrace it, live it!

(volume is low, turn it up and listen to his comments)

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