small-groupMy friends from Cadre Ministries call it D3. It’s when the people you are discipling begin to disciple others and kingdom growth takes place.

After nearly two years of intentional, relational disciple-making I’m beginning to see this take place. Wow!

Our family is part of a Missional Community; an extended family of the local church, a mid-sized group of about 25 people representing different generations and a variety of backgrounds. I’m a worship/discipleship pastor but volunteers lead this Missional Community. I recently learned that a group of guys (3 of them to be exact) from our Missional Community decided to start meeting together outside of any scheduled activities; it started with a trip to Lambeau Field for a Packers pre-season game a few weeks ago. They meet for  accountability, fellowship, and spiritual sharpening…and to just have fun. What’s really exciting is the fact that it was not done because a leader or pastor asked them to do it. It was not a response to a ministry announcement or a specific initiative of the Missional Community. It was the Holy Spirit prompting them to simply meet and develop discipling friendships. And to make it even better they invited a young adult who just started college to join them. So we have four men from three different generations meeting regularly with discussion centered around the Gospel and their shared faith in Jesus.

I love it when the church expands because they (the people) realize the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to share the Good News. It’s not based on their knowledge base, a denominational affiliation, the number of years they have been a Christ-follower, or any other measurable churchy element. It’s just a groups of guys who have hearts for following Jesus and a desire to share that with others.

I can’t wait to see how this small group begins to influence others with the Gospel through everyday living…that’s some powerful stuff!


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