Blog-ben-Good-newsI’ve been thinking about the Good News this week. During my talks with discipling friends I was challenged to consider what the disciples shared when they were “sent” in Luke 9 and Luke 10. I asked many of my friends to share the Good News in a couple of sentences and all of them correctly pointed to the cross and the story of Jesus’ resurrection.

However, my thoughts went to the Good News prior to the cross. In addition to “the Kingdom is near” what did the disciples share with people in those cities? Did they feel equipped? Did they have enough knowledge? What if people asked them something they couldn’t answer? Those are some of the questions I hear today from people — many of us do not feel that we are ready to share the Good News, right? 

Let me encourage you with these basics…Jesus was the Messiah, he was the answer to numerous prophesies, sent to redeem his people. Jesus lived a life of love and forgiveness. Jesus modeled this with his disciples as they were with him learning about the Good News. Jesus showed what is was like to obey his Father. 

I think we often over-complicate the message of the Good News today. Or, perhaps we make it too much of an intellectual experience. What would happen if we got back to the basics of love and forgiveness? What would happen if we simple shared our story about God’s redeeming love through Jesus rather than trying to formulate a message that comes across sterile and stiff, or dare I say…churchy?

Let’s embrace Jesus’ birth and the message of the cross this year that includes the basic Good News that the disciples shared. Jesus is our King, Jesus showed us how to love and forgive, Jesus points us to our Heavenly Father who graciously gave his only Son (Jesus) to be born as a baby in this world. He did this for YOU and that’s Good News!

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