A few months ago, at Harvest Church, we took the plunge into the world of digital audio with the purchase of a new Behringer X32 mixing console. One of the long range goals was to provide personal monitoring for our musicians. This is now starting to happen with the addition of Behringer’s P16-M units. These personal mixers allow the musician to connect their headphones or earbuds and control 16 channels of audio from our board. No longer will they need to “share” a wedge monitor, ask the sound tech for an adjustment, or worry about hearing their own instrument properly.

For our congregation this means better sound because we are reducing the volume on the stage. Plus, our musicians will be better equipped to share their musical talents and abilities with this new digital gear.

I’m looking forward to seeing our musicians grow with the new technology, I expect them to become more creative and confident as they continue to serve God and point people to Jesus through worship!


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