It’s a GOD ASK.

We don’t appeal for a specific amount when we meet with potential donors. That goes against our training, but it’s not something we’re comfortable doing. When we do the GOD ASK we are simply living out the following principle:

As support raisers, we are mediators in God’s economy, connecting God’s people and resources to God’s mission and purpose.


On the attached diagram (Brian’s scribbling) you see three people represented: G = God, Me = Brian & Heidi, and U = the person(s) we are meeting with. Our question to potential donors is not one of how much to give, rather an invitation to consider how God has entrusted you to give to kingdom work. We trust God to provide for U as you consider supporting our ministry. No assumptions, no expectations, just a big step of faith knowing that God will supply our needs according to his glory. He will also do this for you as you joyfully give.

In a future blog I will outline some practical ways your contributions help in our ministry, you might be surprised how simple contributions add up to support effective missional ministry!

Do you believe in our vision to share and live the gospel in everyday life one person, one family, one neighborhood, and one community at a time? Learn more here.

2 thoughts on “Why We Ask – REASON #3

  1. Brian,

    We are praying for your ministry and know that God will provide and open doors for you.

    At the present time we are very much involved in doing God’s work here at our church and also providing help to our daughter who is living with us. We do have a praise in that she is now going to church and reading her bible daily and for that we are blessed. We will continue to stay in touch with your ministry and help as God leads us to do so. God bless you and your family!!

    Larry <

    1. Hi Larry,

      Thanks for taking the time to reply, we appreciate your interest and prayers for our new journey! Blessings to you as you faithfully serve in your mission field – especially with your family. We’re glad to continue staying in touch. ~Brian

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