You’re on the TEAM.


In the book of Nehemiah, chapter 3, we read about a diverse team of individuals and groups that God assembled through the leadership and obedience of Nehemiah.

As you support us in ministry please know that you are a strategic part of the TEAM. We are not able to accomplish our modern day version of rebuilding the wall without your help and the generous sacrifice of your God-given time and resources.

Here’s a quick list of TEAM members from the text:

  • Jaoida & Meshullam laid beams, set up doors, and installed bolts and bars.
  • Melatiah, Jadon, people from Gibeon, and people from Mixpah also helped.
  • Uzziel, a goldsmith, and Hanahiah, a manufacturer of perfumes, helped build.
  • Rsphaiah, Jedaiah, Hattush, Malkijah and Hasshub worked on repairs.
  • Shallum and his daughters did repairs.
  • People from Zanoah repaired 1500′ of the wall.
  • Malkijah fixed a gate.
  • Shallum repaired a gate and the wall of the pool of Siloam.
  • and the list goes on…

Many different leaders from various lands, teams, families, and so on were directly involved with being part of this TEAM. Your contributions and other resources are a blessing and we want you to know how important you are to the work of planting Mercy Road Church in Appleton, WI.

We are blessed by the diversity of families who are on board with us already. We can’t wait to see how God will continue to provide as we share and live the gospel in everyday life one person, one family, one neighborhood, and one community at a time!

Thank you!

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