tableA few years ago I decided to add a regular routine to my schedule in hopes of connecting with people and sharing the gospel. It worked.

Every Wednesday I made my office at a local coffee shop, letting people know this would be my location each week. I started doing it without any expectations but I had hope that it would be a good disciple-making move.

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I remember how a dear friend from my church approached me one day at my Wednesday office. She asked, “What is this new ministry you are doing here? Did somebody ask you to do this?” The context of her questions was interesting to me and in a weird sort of way represented a little pushback and curiosity at the same time. She and her husband are now part of our support team. I later received a lot of questioning from others who simply wondered why a pastor was being paid to have coffee instead of actually working. But that’s another blog for another time.

Moving forward…as a result of that faithful step to create a rhythm of life around opportunities to intentional disciple others, I am now handing off this kingdom assignment to 3rd generation discipling leaders. These are people who came to be discipled at my Wednesday office and are now seeing others discipling because of their commitment to sharing the gospel in everyday life.

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple commitment to share a cup of coffee, or have a conversation with no strings attached, or to meet somewhere regularly outside of a formal office environment. It gets messy at times but seeing spiritual fruit from doing things in the way of Jesus is worth it.

Now go, establish a regular rhythm of sharing the gospel and your life with others. Expect God to do big things through you today!


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