IMG_3338Why we do things is often more important than how we do things.

One of the main reasons we made the move to Appleton to lead at Mercy Road Church is explained in a blog by Ben Connelly — Why Should You Care About Everyday Mission.

Here’s part of what he says in the blog…

If you call yourself a follower of Jesus, God calls you his missionary. You may never go halfway around the world. You may not raise financial support. But because of God’s gospel work in you, you are on mission: to people in your work, school, neighborhood, and those in need. As everyday missionaries, God has sent us to live out his Great Commission in the ordinary, normal, all-too-busy, and even most mundane moments of our lives.

So we have the privilege and unique opportunity to help others learn how to be on mission by demonstrating and teaching them “why” obedience to God’s leading is important for kingdom work! Listen to Pastor Jed’s sermon from October 26, 2014 as he talks about the ‘why’ vs. ‘how’ from Galatians.

God’s free gift of grace helps me obey.

I don’t obey (move to Appleton) because I think that will help me gain favor in God’s eyes. I obey because my identity as a follower of Jesus compels me to make a difference for the kingdom, to teach others the same thing, to develop new friendships with extraordinary but regular people who will become disciple-makers.

If you would like to be part of this journey with us we welcome and need your support; please learn more about being on our support team here. Your support helps us build the local church, Mercy Road Church, in Appleton because we are compelled to do this and there simply aren’t enough churches to share the Good News…we obey because we love Jesus and want others to do the same.

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