Heidi is in recovery. The surgeon was able to access the hip/pelvic through one incision (that’s very positive) and also has repaired her broken collar bone. She will be in recover for approximately one hour. Heidi’s parents and sister are with Erin and I. Megan continues to recover at Andi’s house in Wausau.

It’s very important to only share accurate facts (I’ve already seen news articles that have inaccurate information). Out of respect for all involved please use wisdom with how you share information about this accident online. I will plan on another update in the morning.

Please refer people to this blog for updates, I am not able to reply to Facebook posts but we are grateful for the outpouring of support and prayer. Love you all.


7 thoughts on “Surgery #2 Update (Friday afternoon)

  1. Brian, thank you for the updates. Continuing to pray for all of you. Are we able to send financial contributions? Your Dad can PM me, email me, or call me with info if you prefer. Love, Barbie

  2. Brian, when Sandy posted about the accident we did not know it was your family involved. Many prayers for you and yours. Thanksgiving takes on a whole new meaning this year, coesn’t it.

  3. We’ve been keeping in touch with Mary & Taunya for updates but I wanted to send you our love & let you know that we are lifting Heidi & Megan & all of you up in prayer constantly. We love you guys & hope to visit Heidi when she’s able to have visitors soon.

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