I’m spending the night with Heidi at the hospital. Things are quiet and our family members have left for the day, we are so grateful for them.

I have disabled my Facebook account because it’s too much to manage at this time. But we appreciate the love and support from everybody.

From this point forward expect to see short and simple updates, this is best as we manage our changing daily needs. I know many of you want details, I will communicate what I can. I will also do my best to return personal emails, phone calls, and texts…thank you in advance for understanding when I’m not quick to reply.

Much love to all.


10 thoughts on “Update 11/27, Friday evening

  1. Brian, JIm and I are praying for recovery. Please don’t feel you need to respond to this, I can’t imagine how much you are going through. Just know we are praying for you. Let us know if we can help in any way.

  2. Thx for the updates. We appreciate them immensely. Sam asked right away this morning if I had heard how Heidi’s doing. I’ll keep him informed as you post. Love to Heidi, prayers continue

  3. The Moser Family is lifting all of you up…. Dan got the original story from Brian on his smart phone at the table on Thanksgiving… we stopped eating & went into prayer…. We are all lifting your family up in prayer….. ” I know the plans I have made for you… plans for a hope & a future” Agape… Dave & Sandi Moser

  4. Much love and prayers for the entire family….please please call if there is ANYTHING I can do….Meagan please call me when you are up to it.
    We praise a Gracious God to Him be th e Glory

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