eye-chartOur family’s ministry vision aligns with Mercy Road Church

We are a diverse Jesus-centered community of people learning how to love God and love others. We desire to see lives transformed one person at a time, one family at a time, one neighborhood at a time, and one city at a time, under one God of all time.

 A 2010 study that was published in Building A Discipling Culture, by Mike Breen indicates that only 4% of the Millennial Generation attend a church. Wow! How did the church miss this important group that will become our future leaders? Read this short blog for more info.

That statistic haunts me, it motivates me, it gives me a compelling reason to seek new ways to share the Gospel in our ever-changing culture. I am convinced that we must go to people with the Good News of Jesus. We can no longer simply invite them into our buildings, into our programs, into our “way” of doing church. Not that any of that methodology is bad, it’s not, it’s how I was raised in the church. I want to be part of a new movement — a disciple-making, missional movement — that reaches people at the core of their soul not on the surface. The church is much more than a Sunday morning experience.

This new (old) movement is about doing life with people at their level, showing them how to become a mature Christian who loves God and loves people. Many are un-churched or de-churched; they have been hurt by the church, forgotten by the church…and this is rarely intentional. I’m not throwing the church under the bus…I love the church. I also love people enough to take the initiative to reach out and accept, teach, love, admonish, show hospitality, and share life with them. I’m not special in this adventure; I have my wife and daughter, Megan, to join me,  a brand new church family (Mercy Road Church) and countless others who are on board with a missional/disciple-making way of life to be accountable to and with.

My contribution to Mercy Road Church is simple:

    1. Establish a weekly worship celebration
    2. Lead a missional community
    3. Be an intentional disciple-maker

Let’s learn together and commit to growing in our relationship with Jesus (UP), learning to live in biblical community with each other (IN), and collectively serve others in our community (OUT). I’m excited to be a pastor at Mercy Road!



Want to join us?

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